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How to Prepare for Delivery Day

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

The delivery day! This truly is the exciting day you have to look forward to!

The delivery day!

This truly is the exciting day you have to look forward to! We at LAiMA like to call it a “D-Day” since everyone, especially first time moms often ask “How do I prepare for my delivery day?” There are specific questions many have such as how to breath during delivery or what to bring to the hospital on labor day, but we find that the first important thing is your mental preparation.

Of course, we want you to feel incredibly comfortable in order to have the best pregnancy experience, and so we encourage you to prepare for this day by researching things like your local hospital or what to take to the hospital. However, whatever the circumstances of you having a baby are, it is crucial to understand that the condition is not reproducible, meaning that it is impossible for you to be able to predict how you are going to feel during the delivery. What you are able to reproduce though is your mental attitude during your labor.

We find that the delivery day is really like an athletic event because the better mentally focused you are prior to birth, the more positive your experience will be. If you visualize your victory before the day even begins, it will be monumentally easier to be victorious on the actual day (Please refer to our other LAiMA videos where we discuss how to prepare and visualize for your delivery.) We are truly excited for you!

Ultimately, this is a life-changing and exciting day! Prepare practical things such as your hospital bag and so forth, but remember that this is secondary compared to your mental preparation. We have found that mental preparation is more essential in having a phenomenal delivery. Please call us any time and we will answer your questions on how to prepare for delivery day.

Let’s have a phenomenal birth experience!


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