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Feel part of a community as you join other moms on the journey of having a phenomenal pregnancy experience. You’ll be paired with a group expecting moms based on your gestational age of pregnancy where you can enjoy classes together and grow together for this sacred experience of motherhood.


Getting  Information

Do you will feel like you are drowning in a flood of information? 


The amount of information today is certainly overwhelming when it comes to pregnancy advise and opinions. Friends, family, Dr. Google, Facebook etc. are all available at the click of a button.


How do you choose who to listen and when?

In order to help you filter the information that comes your way, there are a few pointers we have gathered from our LAiMA Experience Laboratory. First, it is absolutely vital to remember that the experiences and stories you hear around you are not a reflection of your pregnancy experience. This is a special time that is unique to you and your pregnancy experience is your own. Your body and mind are different, and your situation is not exactly the same— plus you are a LAiMA mom!


We at LAiMA are here to help you both navigate the experience of others and to appreciate and embrace your own

With that said, we have discovered that more information does not help women have a better pregnancy experience and purposely limiting the amount of information that comes your way is actually a good idea. Having all the information about all the pregnancy related issues available will be distracting and worrisome, keeping you from making it an enjoyable pregnancy for you.

On the other hand, do accept the positive information. If you encounter a helpful article, some good advice, or an encouraging story, embrace this information. As for negative information in pregnancy that comes your way (bad experiences, etc.), it would be best to ignore it, since this information is not reflective of your pregnancy and it will only put unnecessary worry and stress on the positive pregnancy experience being created around you.

So, rather than doing internet search on the topic — call our LAiMA center. We would be delighted to answer your specific questions making it relevant to your own experience.

Expecting Moms

To create a phenomenal pregnancy experience, it is absolutely crucial to be able to connect with other local pregnant moms.


Most people don’t communicate on a regular basis anymore, with discussions done mainly on Facebook and occasionally face to face with friends and family. At LAiMA, we are creating a pregnancy network, connecting local, pregnant moms so they can celebrate pregnancy together.


Because pregnancy is such a meaningful time in your life, only online sharing can’t capture the significance of your experience as face to face interaction can. An experience truly becomes complete when it is shared.

The idea is to know actual people—other mothers who are either at the same point in their pregnancy as you, or who have recently delivered their babies. At LAiMA, we ask these mothers what happened, how it affected their experience, collect the information, and see if we can pass it on to other local pregnant mothers. Our goal is to look at your experience, isolate the best parts, apply it to other, local, pregnant women, and see how it improves their pregnancy.

We are able to connect first time mothers with LAiMA alumni, mothers who have recently delivered. At our LAiMA connection meetings, LAiMA alumni share their pregnancy experiences with currently pregnant moms so that they can know what to expect and how to prepare physically and mentally as they progress closer to D-Day. (Refer to video “Delivery Day”)


Connection in pregnancy with other expecting moms is truly remarkable since it is during this time of bonding that communities are brought closer together and the seeds of lifelong friendships are sown. These are not random women but rather pregnant women in the LAiMA philosophy, aimed at creating a phenomenal pregnancy experience. Together LAiMA moms embrace their pregnancy, demand the world to adapt to them and their baby, and celebrate their pregnancy, recognizing their significance. (Refer to video “Pregnant I”)


We have found that when pregnant women are able to join together in the adventure that is motherhood, embracing, demanding, and celebrating their pregnancy, it is then that their experience truly becomes exceptional.

Adjutant Of Pregnancy

The fathers' specific role in pregnancy


Designed for any dad, whether first time or experienced, the adjutant of pregnancy answers the question: What do I do to support her during this time?

A military term derived from the Latin verb “to help,” the position of an adjutant is traditionally that of a military officer who serves in an assistant role to a senior ranking officer. Since every woman during pregnancy has the need for safety, connection, comfort and significance, the adjutant of pregnancy is in perfect position to create that optimal environment for his pregnant wife or pregnant girlfriend, benefiting her overall pregnancy experience.

The role of an adjutant of pregnancy is not that of a doctor nor of a doula. The father’s role in pregnancy is not to find solutions to specific medical problems, but rather to encourage and lift up expecting mom during this short and beautiful time of mutual growth. Just as she is embracing her new motherhood, YOU at the same time are embracing your own fatherhood, and it is in your leading role to be her adjutant, protecting and encouraging her during these special nine months.

For many fathers, this is a new experience. Both you and her are becoming different people not just at the time of delivery but rather throughout the whole pregnancy experience. We are here to answer any of your questions and concerns. Besides medical questions, please feel free to ask any questions on how to be a better father during this pregnancy.


We will help you become that adjutant. You can call us at (831) 373-2486.

Remember, you play a truly vital role in this pregnancy. You are not on the sidelines but rather in active duty, helping and assisting her during pregnancy. We at LAiMA truly rely on you since you are an additional set of eyes at home and ears at our LAiMA Center to both care for her and to remind her information to benefit her overall experience.


We are truly excited for you and we welcome you to this new pregnancy!

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