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Feel significant throughout your phenomenal pregnancy experience. You deserve to be celebrated. You care so much, for your family, partner, soon-to-be-born baby, friends, everyone! We want to put the emphasis on taking care of you and making you feel like the special Goddess you are

The Pregnant “I”


Your pregnancy is the most significant period in your life and so it is essential that you as a mother feel unique and recognized during this special time. 


There are three principles that will monumentally help you feel significant. They can be applied daily and are instrumental in making your pregnancy experience absolutely phenomenal. 

1. Embrace Your Pregnancy


First, we really want you to acknowledge and enjoy this special time. While we understand this is certainly a challenging time, this pregnancy is also a happy and life changing experience. Recognize that you are pregnant and that this is a unique time, so don’t try to ignore your physiological changes in pregnancy but rather embrace them since now is the moment to enjoy your pregnancy experience. Whether you are 5 weeks or 25 weeks pregnant, embrace the whole moment of pregnancy since you will become a new person through this experience. 


2. Demand the World to Adapt to Your Pregnancy


Demand! We believe that the world is really robbing you of your pregnancy experience, since it takes away the challenge and joy of pregnancy. You deserve this special time in your life and so demand that the world and people around your pregnancy place you and this experience in a central place. From early on adopt the expectation that your pregnancy is a central piece in the gallery of life. Rather than trying to compete with the world, demand that the world adapt to you by making circumstances work around your pregnancy.


As doctor and a nurse-midwife, we find that whenever we write a prescription or a doctor’s note due to complications in pregnancy, the world is forced to adapt to your situation. However, at LAiMA, we ask you to demand from the world to adapt to you simply because you are pregnant. Let the world accommodate you without the doctor’s notice since what is happening is so amazingly significant!

3. Celebrate Your Pregnancy


To make your pregnancy a phenomenal experience, remember to celebrate your pregnancy daily! This is a life-changing experience from when you first get a positive result to when you meet your baby for the first time; you will never be the same.


Turn any challenge or topic relating to your pregnancy into a reason for a celebration of the amazing gift you have! Have fun with it. Throw a party. Take a photograph for every milestone. Create Scrapbooks. Spend a little extra money on a quality maternity photo shoot. This is a once in a lifetime experience— each pregnancy is a new life, a new phenomenon—take advantage of the opportunity and celebrate this grand adventure.


Let’s celebrate your pregnancy together and make your pregnancy a phenomenal experience! 

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